4M Sigma Corporation's manufacturing operations are located in an industrial area of Seattle, Washington, USA known as Interbay. We are a veteran-owned, small business having resided at this location since 1990. The company is midway between five major Boeing Company plants: Plant II, the Developmental Center, Kent, Renton, and Everett. We are four miles from I-5 via the Mercer Street exit (Directions).

All design, electrical/electronic fabrication, assembly, calibration, and functional test are performed at Interbay. We also currently use 15 Boeing D1-4426-approved and mil-spec approved specialty processors within a 20-mile radius of Interbay. These sub-contractors have been carefully audited and selected by our Operations Management. All outside process work is consistently monitored via on-site visits and facility inspections. Approximately 175 piece part and raw material manufacturers & distributers round out our supply chain.

There is presently much duress in the American economy caused by outsourcing of manufacturing and technical service jobs to off-shore and other non-US locations. This is a problem we are not a part of. We exercise local oversight and control functions and "we aren't going anywhere." All of our products qualify as 100% domestic end-products; and thanks to great customers, these products are doing their job in 220 countries worldwide.