The Company started out as a proprietorship in 1987 and specialized in providing engineering and market/product development services to medium-sized aerospace, commercial and industrial firms. In 1990 the Company incorporated as 4M Sigma and moved to its current facilities at 1900 W. Emerson Place in Interbay.

In 1991 manufacturing commenced in support of local Industrial Electronics Systems companies. These products were primarily custom magnetics (transformers, inductors, power converters). With this success, manufacturing commenced in the Aerospace marketplace, both Commercial and Defense & Homeland Security in 1992. These products were and continue to be a very diverse array of operational support and ground test equipment involving electrical, mechanical, hydaulic, and pneumatic aircraft interfaces.

Over the years we have added on-aircraft flight parts to our product line. These include electrical cable assemblies and electro-mechanical sub-assemblies used on both Commercial and Military airplanes. A smaller number of these parts are also used on Coast Guard and Navy ships.

Although our business profile varies from year to year with economic and budget influences, it is a fairly consistent mix of Commercial Aviation and Defense & Homeland Security products. It also enjoys a healthy array of both flight parts and ground-based operational support & test equipment. This combination ensures continuing business opportunities on both new and legacy aerospace programs.

The average 4M Sigma employee service longevity is 18 years. We feel very fortunate making positive contributions at our work everyday. Purpose, is indeed, a wonderful quality motivator. It is what defines our products and our Customer Support.