Magnetics (transformers, inductors, coils, chokes, solenoids) are one of the most specialized areas of manufacturing. They can be very capital equipment intensive (and unique) and sometimes very hand-labor intensive. 4M Sigma always seeks to use the most cost-effective piece of winding equipment for any given job. All purchase orders are supported by a fully functioning "first article," customer-approved, prior to production lot builds. We also provide "on-the-circuit-board" design integration and verification for tight tolerance system applications.

Transformers Inductors & Coils
   Ferrite Cores: E, I, pot, shell    Air Cores
   Laminated Cores: steel, low nickel, high nickel    Bobbin-wound
   Cut Cores: C, E    Laminated Cores
   Toroidal Cores: powdered iron, ferrite, tape wound, high nickel    Cut Cores
   Rod Cores
   Toroidal Cores