We are 4M Sigma Corporation, CAGE Code 0BC31 (small, veteran-owned), located in Seattle, Washington, and in business for 23 years. Our DD2345 nr. is 0027504. We are an experienced US Government Agency, and Military Aircraft/Vehicle/Ship Prime manufacturing supplier. We have flight hardware/designs installed on a wide variety of military airframes including V-22, F-16, B-2, KC-135, RC-135, E-3, and 737 Indonesian Surveiller as well as a number of US Navy and Coast Guard vessels. 4M Sigma also designs and builds electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic operational support equipment and tooling/test equipment. These equipments are in use on the flightline and at intermediate and depot maintenance bases throughout defense infrastructures worldwide. We are well-versed in Boeing Defense & Space, McDonnell Douglas, Bell Helicopter, Lockheed, BAE Systems, and Raytheon drawing systems. In addition, each customer need is uniquely addressed as potentially involving full-up mil-spec requirements, MOTS requirements, COTS requirements, or an optimized combination of the three.

Our airframe flight hardware/designs include electrical cable harnesses, electro-mechanical subassemblies, shorting adapters, and installation kits. Our ground/marine equipment includes test sets, interface test adapters, breakout boxes, cables, unique components, and maintenance kits. Some of our most frequently supported stock classes are 1680, 1730, 4920, 5975, 5995, 6150, 6625.

In addition to our historical builds, we are interested in supporting your small, "problem" procurements with the following individual or combined characteristics: